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INUVIK, NT          

In 2013, Reel Youth visited Inuvik, NT and facilitated issue-based claymation programs at the East Three Secondary School and a three-day scary movie program at the Inuvik Youth Centre. These films are the result of a lot of fun and hard work by Inuvik youth, and the support of the Inuvik Youth Centre and Northwest Territories office for Industry, Tourism and Investment.

Extreme Scene


Doll of Souls

The Big Fat Nuke

Num Num

Never Give Up

Let's Get Physical

Fomer and His Addictions

All You Need is Love!!



Team Player

Cyber Monster

What Goes Around Comes Around



Raisin Zombies

These films were made in 2010 in a video production program focused on creating personal video poems.




Bones From the Past


The following films were produced during a week long program in partnership with the Inuvik Youth Centre and Beatboard. The program involved bringing 2 computers, video cameras, and sound recording gear and spending a week teaching the youth and community how to use it. At the end of the program, we left the equipment at the youth centre for future film making and sound production projects.

This project was made possible with support from:
Inuvik Youth Centre
The History Channel
Canadian North Airlines
Council for the Arts

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