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Reel Youth program schedule

Reel Youth supports municipalities, schools, youth groups, businesses,
and service agencies looking for exciting and meaningful ways to
engage youth and adults in producing and distributing digital media.

Video Production Video Production Empower youth to make films addressing issues that are important to them. Youth gain technical film production skills, while having fun and creating media that represents their experiences and opinions about the world. Documentary, drama, scary and comedy! [Details]
Claymation Claymation An exploration of stop-motion animation where youth work in small groups and use plasticine to make short films about their visions for a more just and sustainable world.  [Details]
Music Film Camp Music Video Participants make their own beats, write and record songs, and produce videos to accompany them. No experience necessary!   [Details]

Film Program

Bring young people into seniors or elders residences to produce character based films celebrating the lives of older people. Build intergenerational relationships between participants and empathy and compassion from audiences who watch the films.    [Details]
Professional Services Youth & Mentors
Film Program
Using film production as a catalyst, participants gain transferable digital storytelling skills and develop relationships with mentors who will play an ongoing supportive role in their lives. [Details]
Film Festival Touring Film Festival Empower youth in your community to to express their creativity, entertain audiences, and share their visions for a more just and sustainable world. We supply everything you need to put on your own screening!  [Details]
Photography Photography Puts digital cameras into the hands of youth to learn shooting and lighting techniques, and online publishing. Participants gain confidence in their own photography skills while creating a blog to showcase their work and engage the community.
Live Broadcast Crowd Source Media Broadcasting Activate participation from remote locations and engage attendees already at your conference with interactive, live video webcasts. Use crowd sourced media from participants with cameras and cell phones and broadcast it to your website or a customized blog.
Training Adult Training Training for teachers and adult leaders providing practical film production and distribution skills and facilitation strategies for supporting young people's development using the arts.
Professional Services Professional Services Hire professional artists who will mentor marginalized young people while producing creative and engaging films to connect your business, NGO, or social enterprise to new clients, partners, or funding.

If you would like one of these programs in your community, contact us!

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