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                    2007/08 'Best of the Fest' DVD

blackorwhite Black or White
Savannah Peterson - Real to Reel Digital Film School
Drama, 7 minutes

You can only take so much in life for granted. A man who thinks too higly of himself soon comes to the realization that no matter how much money you make, everything can all come crashing down in a short amount of time.

Reel Youth (Mysore, India)
Documentary, 8 minutes

Nanjunda and his friends live on the streets of Mysore, South India where they quickly learn loyalty, ferocity and to steal joy where possible.  A bitter-sweet look at streetkids in India.

Love Yourself

Love Yourself
Danielle Mulcahy - Wachusett Regional (Jefferson, MA)
Drama, 3 minutes

Four courageous youth turn the camera on themselves in this stunning exploration of happiness. Soundtrack by Iron & Wine (Sub Pop Records).

Humour Me
Jay Morton - Vancouver School of Arts (Vancouver, WA)
Animation, 2 minutes

A pencil line series of animations.   Experiments in comedic timing.
Playground Duels

Playgroung Dual
Jake Dunbar (White Rock, BC)
Dramatic Comedy, 4 minutes

Two teens, one swing and a playground duel to settle the score.

Pleasure in Quietus
Kelly Dale, Ryan Lanji - Simon Fraser Film Program (Vancouver, BC)
Drama, 10 minutes

You can try to live in the moment, but in a moment everything can change.

Rez Life
Martan Edwards, David Aleck, Nick Clark -
Longhouse Media (Seattle, WA)
Drama, 3 minutes

On the road to manhood sometimes a boy is faced with two decisions. Based on a true story.
Slip of the Tonuge

Slip of the Tongue
Karen Lum, Andrew Baxter and German Rodriguez - The Factory (Oakland, CA)
Spoken Word, 4 minutes

A young man’s rapid fire, eye-opening schooling on ethnicity and beauty.

Street Addicts Street Addicts
Reel Youth, in conjunction with The City of Vancouver
Documentary, 5 Minutes

Five youth took to the streets of East Van to challenge their stereotypes about addiction and fond messages of hope.
The Suit

The Suit
Simon Marmorek, Tim Garner, Liam Shiveral and Graham Serl - Eric Hamber School (Vancouver, BC)
Comedy, 6 minutes

Harry has always hated his job.  Today he is doing something about it.
Walk the Line

On the Line
Pirouz Nemati, Ala’a Abu Dawoud, Ragheb - GIFTS & Creative Peace Network
Docu-drama, 8 Minutes

A real friendship between two teenagers, one Isreali, one Palestinian, who met in a peace camp in BC.
Warren Terror

Warren Terror
Tyler Funk, S. Mercado, D. Stone, C. Hogan, P. Prajoux, P. Maiolo - Banff Community High (Banff, BC)
Drama , 7 Min

A darkly comic commentary on the Global Crusade against “Evil”, an issue that has become a cornerstone in the headlines, politics and daily life.
The Fight The Fight
Dan Doheny, Mai Tozer, Jack Heyes, Miles Chalmers and
Daniel McConkey - Lord Byng Secondary (Vancouver, BC)
Comedy, 4 min

Rumours fly and confusion ensues over this humorous confrontation between Chad and Jake.

Kitsilano Secondary (Vancouver, BC)
2 min

A beautifully crafted short dance film.

Where is the Love Where is the Love?
Urban Native Youth Association (Vancouver, BC)
1 min

In late 2006, a huge storm hit Vancouver, ripping an unprecedented number of trees down.  These youth marvel at the money that poured in to rehabilitate Stanley Park when humans fall every day on the streets of Vancouver.
Day at the Zoo A Day at the Zoo
Bret Kerven, NY Film Academy
2 min

A woman with an unusually hairy baby...

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