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Reel Youth has worked with young people in India, Nepal, Vietnam and Morocco though international schools, NGOs and community groups, using film and stop motion animation to:


Reel Youth has worked twice with the United Nations International School in Hanoi (UNIS Hanoi) exploring the intersection of film and community advocacy.  

In 2011, Reel Youth spent five weeks at UNIS Hanoi. Based around the United Nation’s 2011 theme, Cultural Rapprochement, Reel Youth facilitated the creation of 400 short films (Grades 4-9) building empathy for other cultures by reflecting on student’s own backgrounds and family stories.  Reel Youth worked more intensively with a selection of high schoolers to deepen their reflections around 'Community and Service', through the creation of 13 mini documentaries. Finally Reel Youth facilitated Professional Development programs for the teachers on Digital Storytelling, Filmmaking and Social Media. tell me more…

One of the Community in Service groups mini documentaries.

More awesome films from the UNIS Hanoi filmmaking project in 2011

In 2013, Reel Youth spent another three weeks building on their previous trip to UNIS, teaching leadership and filmmaking to grade eleven students, who would be leading their high schools’ ‘Community and Service’ projects.  The skills they gained in the Reel Youth program allowed them to make films championing local projects that include an orphanage, microfinance programs, child safety education, community gardens, and a paediatric hospital; and to be effective facilitators for their groups of Service Learning students.

Habitat for Humanity.

Watch more films from the Vietnam Project


In 2008 Reel Youth visited Nepal to make a documentary about children who had been rescued from the adult prison system, in partnership with The Kamala Foundation and Prisoners Assistance Nepal (more about the project).   The resulting film, Family Stones, was produced with the support of the Government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and premiered in Reel Youth's Program at the Vancouver International Film Festival. It toured with the Reel Youth Film Festival in 2008/09.

Two years later, Reel Youth led a UN Habitat Economic Development Project with a selection of youth from Prisoners Assistance Nepal, some of which were featured in the film from 2008. They learned the fundamentals of filmmaking, from storyboarding to framing and lighting, using a video camera, editing and uploading their films to a website they made. We left professional video production equipment in the hands of the 8 youth and helped them set up their own small filmmaking business, AABISKAR Productions.
Reel Youth's Nepal blog.


In May 2007, Reel Youth travelled to South India to spend five weeks getting to know, and make films with young people living on the streets in Mysore.  The resulting documentary "Goonda" was created with a group of courageous young boys and the assistance of Operation Shanti.
 For more, read Reel Youth's India Blog.

the grassroots organization that supports these children and other street involved families in Mysore, India.

Goonda toured with the 2007/08 Reel Youth Film Festival and was broadcast on Global BC. The film is featured on Reel Youth's 2007/08 Best of the Fest DVD.


In 2009, Erica Køhn represented Reel Youth as a Guest Instructor for the University of the Middle East Project's Collaborative Arts Initiative (CAI) in Morocco. She co-taught with faculty member, Liz Gruenfeld, to facilitate the creative collaborative arts process and share tools for developing a community narrative, filmmaking, supporting cross generational and cross cultural dialogue, and resulting in a mural co-created by people of two generations and more than four cultures.

A film was co-created using footage from Reel Youth's filmmaking program at CAI and Erica's documentation of the Collaborative Arts Initiative in Morocco.

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