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Audiences vote for the People's Choice Awards in the following categories:

    1. Best Overall Film
    2. Best Film Promoting Positive Social Change
    3. Best Animation
    4. Best Comedy
    5. Best Editing
    6. Best Soundtrack
    7. Best Local Film

2007 prizes include:

- Having your film shown at Festivals and screenings across Canada and the States
- Having your film featured on the 2007 'Best of the Fest' DVD
- A full scholarship to G.I.F.T.S. youth media intensive program
- 12-issue subscription, 3 back issues, Production of Meaning DVD, campaign posters,
  and Culture Jam book from Adbusters Media Foundation
- 1 year Royalty Free Music collection from BC bands and musicians
- Having your film showcased on www.reelyouth.ca
- RYFF 'Best of the Fest' DVDs
- Mentorship with Audio Garage
- Scholarship to Cowichan Intercultural Society's Inclusive Leadership Adventure
- No Sweat Shoes from Gaia's Fair Trade Gifts in Gibsons, BC
- PlayStation 2 with 6 games

Last Year's Winning Films:

Lorne Lapham
Jake Dunbar (right) receiving his equipment
rental scholarship from Lorne Lapham (left) of
Lorne Lapham Sales & Rentals. Jake's film,
When Kyle Met Rylee won 'Best Editing' and
'Best Comedy' in the 2006 RYFF

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Mac Market

Rodrigo Escobar (right) receiving a computer on
behalf of Polimorfo (Bogata, Columbia) from
Rick Martin (left) of The Mac Market, in Vancouver.
Polimorfo's, Rapping at Fear won 'Best Film
Promoting World Unity', 'Best Overall Film', and
'Best Soundtrack' in the 2006 RYFF.