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The International Reel Youth Film Festival is screened across Canada and internationally, in partnership with established film festivals, youth media organizations, schools, and community groups. When you submit your film to Reel Youth, it's like submitting your film to festivals around the world, and it's FREE!

We are not currently accepting submissions. 

All submissions must:
     1) be made by people 19 years old and younger at the time of production,
     2) be under 10 minutes (including titles and credits),
     3) be original video (video you shot yourself) or video you have permission
         to use
, and
     4) if music is used, it must be original music or music you have permission
         from the artist to use.

      5) have a high quality NTSC file available.

Reel Yout Film Festival

The films that tour in the festival are chosen by
a youth jury. They rate all entries for originality,
entertainment value, production value,
and the message portrayed. The top
rated films are then curated into a screening of
80 minutes of awesomeness. We value
innovation and inclusion and work to ensure the
festival includes First Nations, LGBTQ*, people
of colour, female leads and multi-abled

Reel Youth accepts all types and genre of
youth films.

The films that win the Reel Youth Film Festival
are chosen by audience votes. There is a 'Best
Local Film' category at each screening to
honour the up to twenty-five percent of films gathered from the local area
of each screening on the tour.

The Reel Youth Film Festival premieres in the autumn at the
Vancouver International Film Festival
, our favorite partner.

check our Frequently Asked Questions,
or email us.

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