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2011/12 Reel Youth Film Festival tour                                          2011/12 Reel Youth Film Festival winnering films

2011/12 REEL YOUTH

The Reel Youth Film Festival empowers young media makers to express their creativity, entertain audiences, and share their stories. The festival tour kicks off at the Vancouver International Film Festival and goes on to tour in partnership with youth media organizations, high schools, community groups and other established film festivals across Canada and around the world. [more]

Touring Films:

Influenced: Todd
Project AWARE; Saco, Maine, USA
With a cast and crew of over 100, this youth-made film tells Todd’s story as his family’s past catches up with him.

Madeleine Mathis; Argyle, Texas, USA
A stop motion animation in which a junkyard dog chases a thieving raccoon through the forest, only to discover that the vermin has a surprising goal.

Brittany with the Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association; Vancouver, BC, Canada
Britney shares her challenges growing up as an aboriginal youth in Vancouver’s downtown east side, and how she is triumphing over them.

Do You Like What’s on Your Mind?
Marc, Kaisen, Nana, Samantha & Shyanna at Frank Hurt Secondary, with Canadian Red Cross; Surrey, BC
Some times facebook ‘friends’ turn out to be real friends too.

Help Me Please
Nathan Floyd-Davis & Ame Garrucho; San Francisco, California, USA
A music video in four short vignettes, following the stories of a group of teenagers in California.

Aaron Nadia, Quinlan Kidd, Tyler Sibbeston, & Michael Gast; Fort Simpson, NT
Mr. Moroda has a wild night, but what happens when the party's over?

Wake Up
Ben Sutherland; Sackville, NS, Canada
Time is ticking, and if we don't wake up to reality, it may be too late.

Breakfast at Jazmine’s
Josh O, Colin K, Jazmine, Daniel & Calvin Ling with OUT in Schools; Vancouver, BC
Jazmine serves up an informational ‘breakfast’ when she is mislabeled.

Ballad of Shadows
Ben McKinnon; Rigaud, QC
A man awakes in an unknown realm, and attempts to escape when he realizes that he is travelling towards his death.

La Baguette Fatale
Anna Robertson; Vancouver, BC
A short film about betrayal, murder, and fine french bread. Based on Roald Dahl's short story "Lamb to the Slaughter".

I Hold My Hand Up
Ali Hines, David Padbury, Duncan Yeomans & Sam Spivey; Cortes Island, BC
The story of a woman in a man’s world, and what it takes to be heard.

Going Nowhere
Laura Finkler, Svenga Forstrom, & Kelsey Dennison with the Passion Foundation; Vancouver, BC
Is BC's minimum wage holding us back?

C: None of the Above
Youth Sounds Factory; San Francisco, California, USA
Diversity is born when one man’s dissent meets resistance.

BC Forest Inc.
Telsa, Pedro, Robyn & Julianna at SJ Willis Education Centre; Victoria, BC
An animated film about the de-forestry industry in BC.

Ignite My Flame
Burnaby, BC
Girls at the Burnaby Youth Custody Center use hip hop to tell the stories of how they ended up in prison.

Secret Club
Ben Kadie; Bellevue, Washington, USA
Kyle is bored of boring high school and its equally boring high school clubs, until one morning he hears about the mysterious secret club…

The King
Henry Zaballos; Oakland, California, USA
A young boy stranded on a deserted island passes the time by having small adventures and looking for new friends.

Tyler MacDonald with the Society for Children and Youth of BC; Vancouver, BC
An animation describing how our vocabulary can to be changed to create a better reality.

Life is Precious
Valerie Ndong Mengue; Oakland, California, USA
Have you ever wondered who’s going on your dates with you?

Chanel Ly, Hannah Sohl, Jashvina Devadoss & Neelam Khare; Cortes Island, BC
Access to water is a right – is Canada doing it’s part?

Bianca Nobleza, Jeremy Francisco, Berlyn Siscar, Lina Romah, Jennifer Ksor & Jermin Dela Cruz, with Canadian Red Cross; Vancouver, BC
An animation that shows how we can stand up for our facebook friends.

La Vie en Rouge
Maxime Cyr-Morton; Vancouver, BC
Having diabetes makes life precarious.

Amy Foreman, Kiran Cheema, Kevin Luong, Josh Cameron & Zuhaeb Hassan, with Canadian Red Cross; Surrey, BC
A dream-filled detention leads to new behavior.

Paige Smith, Brietta Stewart & Bronwyn Hendersen; Coquitlam, BC B
ecca and Becky have a typical teenaged chat that shows how today's social networking sites are butchering the English language in an LOL way.

Alfie Barker; England
Inspired by a true story, a blind father’s experience of regaining his sight brings a new beginning.

2011/12 Screening Locations:

Sept 15 - Cortes Island, BC - in partnership with the Social Venture Institute and Hollyhock
Sept 2 - Vancouver, BC - Indigenous Films from BC and Beyond
                                    in partnership with Vancouver Latin America Film Festival
August 23 - Lytton, BC - in partnership with the Nlaka'pamux Nation Tribal Council 
July 27 - Vancouver, BC - at the ArtQuake's OneLove show
                                    select films: Breakfast at Jazmine's, Water, Slip of the Tongue
July 19 - Richmond, BC - at the Richmond Cultural Centre, 7700 Minoru Gate - 10am
                                    in partnership with Richmond International Film & Media Arts Festival's
                                    YOU + ME Youth Media Day - more info
July 8 - Vancouver, BC - at VIFF's Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour St. - 2:30pm
                                    in partnership with CitizenU and the City of Vancouver
June 22 - Toronto, ON - with the St. Alban's Boys and Girls Club, 843 Palmerston Ave. - 5pm
May 12 - Ottawa, ON - at the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network AGM
                                    select film: Reclaim
May 5 - Middletown, CT, USA - Wesleyan University (262 High St - PAC room 001) - 7pm
                                    in partnership with Wesleyan Women in Film
Apr 21 - Victoria, BC - Creatively United for the Planet festival at St. Matthias Hall - 7-10pm
                                    in partnership with the Sierra Club
                                    select films: BC Forest Inc, Our Land Our River, Leaky Dream
Apr 19 - Vancouver, BC - VanCity Theatre - 4pm
                                    in partnership with the Real 2 Reel Young Filmmakers Showcase
Apr 13 - Victoria, BC - the Victoria Conference Center (Esquimalt Room)
                                    in partnership with The Truth and Reconciliation Commission
                                    select screening of Residential Truth
Mar 30 - Pollard's Point, NL - Main River Academy
                                    in partnership with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Mar 29 - Cow Head, NL - Long Range Academy
                                    in partnership with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Mar 28 - Conche, NL - Sacred Heart Academy
                                    in partnership with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Mar 27 - Plum Point, NL - Viking Trail Academy
                                    in partnership with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Mar 26 - L'anse Au Loup - Labrador Straits Academy
                                    in partnership with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Mar 23 - Cooks Hr, NL- James Cook Memorial
                                    in partnership with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Mar 22 - Flowers Cove, NL - Canon Richards High School, Flowers Cove
                                    in partnership with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Mar 21 - Port Saunders, NL - French Shore Academy, Port Saunders
                                    in partnership with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Mar 20 - Corner Brook, NL - Presentation Junior High, Corner Brook
                                    in partnership with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Mar 19 - Deer Lake, NL - Elwood High School, Deer Lake
                                    in partnership with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Mar 11 - Portland, OR, USA - showcasing select films made by young female filmmakers
                                    in partnership with the Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival
Mar 2 - Maple Ridge, BC - showcasing select films made by First Nations youth at
                                    Standing in Unity and Living Our Rights: an Aboriginal Youth Forum
                                    in partnership with Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation
Mar 1 - Cortes Island, BC - Manson's Hall
                                    showcasing local films from the Cortes Community Film Program
Nov 26 - Rossland, BC - Rossland Miner's Hall
                                    in partnership with the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture
                                    part of the Rossland Mountain Film Festival
Nov 25 - Ucluelet, BC - Ucluelet Community Centre
Nov 3 - Vancouver, BC - at Denman Cinema (1737 Comox St.)
                                    in partnership with the Environmental Youth Alliance
Oct 24 - West Vancouver, BC - at Mulgrave School
Oct 20 - Fort Liard, NWT - Community Hall
                                    in partnership with the Hamlet of Fort Liard
Oct 13 - Vancouver, BC - Reel Youth Film Festival PREMIER!
                                    in partnership with the Vancouver International Film Festival
Oct 12 - Vancouver, BC - Reel Youth Film Festival PREMIER!
                                    in partnership with the Vancouver International Film Festival

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