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This three to five day video production program is an opportunity for young people to produce and distribute short films about the issues they care about most. It is a journey into the process of creative collaboration and an opportunity for youth to speak up about the changes they want to see in their lives, their community, and the world.

Participants learn:
     - How to tell an engaging story about something important to them
     - The technical side of film maing including camera use, lighting, sound, & editing
     - How to work as a team to produce a film in a short period of time


The group is introduced to a professional editing and collaborates with an editor to complete their film. A soundtrack is chosen from Reel Youth's database of original Canadian music for use in youth filmmaking or produced by the youth during the program.

Youth leave the workshop confident in their filmmaking skills, excited about the film they created and empowered to share their creation with the community.

Reel Youth facilitators are artists themselves, fluent in empowering youth using the media arts.  They are trained to mentor young people to make the best film possible while ensuring all creative control is left with the participants.

The program includes all the materials needed to put on your own screening of the touring Reel Youth Film Festival: posters, stickers, handbills, press release, screening DVD that includes all the films made in the program mixed with youth made films from around the world, and audience programs and voting ballots.


Contact us if you have questions or would like to book a program.

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