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2008/09 Reel Youth Film Festival - Best of the Fest:

Sunny Road

Sunny Road
Lizzie Barcay, N. Hollywood, CA

A gorgeous and mystical music video to a song by Emiliana Torrini.


Sacred Headwaters
Sacred Headwaters

Dir: Peardon, A. McKay, Russ, Leeson, T. McKay
West Coast Environmental Law / Na Na Kila Institute / Dogwood Initiative / Living Oceans Society, Reel Youth
Prince Rupert, BC, Canada - 4:46

Shell is proposing coalbed methane development in the sacred headwaters of NW BC.  What are the implications?
The Artist
The Artist

Dir: Hannah Hafey
Harvard-Westlake School
N. Hollywood, California, USA - 5:19

A boy explores his (lack of) artistic talent to impress a girl.
Halfway There
Halfway There

Dir: Sarkar, Lubin, Monchez, Perry, Smith, Grimm
Projections Intersections Media
Vancouver, BC, Canada - 10:00

A widower embarks on a slow speed chase through a nursing home, in hopes of recovering his deceased wife’s plant.
Flesh is Flesh
Flesh is Flesh

Dir: L.O.V.E. youth
Reel Youth / Leave Out Violence
Vancouver, BC, Canada

What if the food chain went the other way?  A dark humor claymation.
Blackspot Culture
Blackspot Culture

Dir: Wayne Robinson
Brookswood Secondary
Langley, BC, Canada

An inquiry into the enterprise that is the blackspot movement.
Jessie's Hope
Jessie’s Hope

Dir: Amelia Moses
Jessie’s Hope Society
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Never underestimate the power of being yourself.
That's What She Said
That’s What She Said

Dir: Jessie Anderson
Van Tech High School
Vancouver, BC, Canada

What do boys talk about when they talk about sex?  A look behind the façade.

Dir: Rosea & Rowen
Reel Youth / Out in Schools
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Color is Love.  A square headed family is influenced by a new friend.
Residential Truth
Residential Truth: Unified Future

Dir: Cia, Kim, Courtenay, Ian, Amber-Lynn
Reel Youth / Urban Native Youth Association
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Native youth share their families experience with Residential Schools and how it still affects them today.
Coming Outcast
Coming Outcast

Dir: Megan Wong
David Thompson Secondary
Vancouver, BC, Canada - 3:23

A confused teen faces the isolation and harassment of her peers and struggles to fit in after her secret is out.
I Remember

I Remember

Templeton High School
Vancouver, BC, Canada

If we don't learn about our history it can repeat itself.
The Night in Question
The Night In Question

Dir: Zelda Wengrod
Harvard-Westlake School
N. Hollywood, California, USA - 3:16

A gum-chewing, Chandler-reading private eye must solve the mystery of disappearing children in this film noir.
Strength & Courage

Strength & Courage

Dir: Vancouver youth living in care
Reel Youth, Society for Children & Youth
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Youth living in care have rights for a reason.
No Glove No Love

No Glove, No Love

Dir: George,  Harris, Campbell, Mason, Lindberg
Reel Youth / McCreary Centre Society
Bella Bella, BC, Canada - 1:04

A humorously graphic animation depicting the benefits of condoms.
Seeds of Etc

Seeds of Etc.
Dir: Joseph Boutilier
Victoria, BC, Canada

Planting Eternity. Again.
Birthday Bonanza
Birthday Bonanza Extravaganza
Dir: Chalmers, Doheny, Heyes, Kwiathowski, MacLeod, Stewart, Tozer
Lord Byng Secondary School
Vancouver, BC, Canada

It’s Kai’s birthday party, but no one shows up.  Two friends do their best to cheer him up.
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