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Incarcerated at twelve for a crime her mother committed, Sapana’s story is one that has been shared by thousands of Nepali youth.

Filmed in part by the youth themselves, ‘Family Stones’ showcases the work of Canadian Zachary Barton as the Directer of The Kamala Foundation, and its sister organization PA Nepal. It is a testament to the resilience of children and celebration of the people advocating for the rights of prisoners in Nepal.

Scored with songs by the youth of PA Nepal, and violist Christien Lein, the result is a film that is much like the children themselves: captivating, ebullient and memorable.

This film was produced with the financial support of the Canadian Government through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

You can purchase the DVD for $15 plus $5 shipping.


Shunned by her father and community, she and her brother accompanied their mother to prison after her arrest for trafficking young girls into the sex trade in India.

Indoctrinated at fourteen by Maoist recruiters, Chandra became a messenger for the Maoist rebels in their uprising against the government, an act considered treason by the Nepali Army who arrested him…


Reel Youth, in partnership with Prisoners Assistance Nepal (PA Nepal), is proud to present a touching and uplifting film about seven remarkable Nepali youth and their struggle to connect to a society that relinquished them.



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