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The Troublemakers Film Project is an initiative that brought young LGBT2Q+ filmmakers together to create a series of mini-documentary portraits on change-making seniors.

The VQFF partnered with Reel Youth to pair aspiring youth filmmakers with troublemakers ages 55+ to create video portraits of LGBT2Q+ individuals who have survived and thrived, and whose stories need to be told.

Youth learned how to plan, shoot, and edit a short film, to work creatively with a small group of their peers, and to help tell the stories of elders in their community.

The 10 documentaries premiered at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and were submitted to the Reel Youth Film Festival and Out in Schools.


Bon Spirit featuring Bon Fabian


Mona the Last Empress featuring Reg Mona

Rated PG for Pround & Gay featuring Gordon Hardy


Journey to Acceptance featuring Kimberly Nixon


Phoenix featuring Sadie Kuehn


I Will Never Stay Silent featuring Sandy Leo


Reflections on Common Ground featuring Stephen Lytton


Not Happy As In Gay, But Queer As In F**k You featuring Mary Bryson


Janine Fuller


David Myers


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