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The Youth & Mentors Film Program is a documentary filmmaking project that builds supportive relationships between young people and adult mentors.  Using film production as a catalyst, participants gain transferable digital storytelling skills and develop relationships with mentors who will play an ongoing positive role in their lives.


Youth are matched up with an adult mentor and produce a three minute film about their life. Through the filmmaking process, participants get to know each other in a meaningful and fun way. While doing on-camera interviews, the mentees are able to ask questions that encourage mentors to share their stories of struggle and achievement.

The process deepens the relationship by giving participants the opportunity to collaborate and work through creative challenges together. Large group activities, games, and facilitated conversations help build a sense of community amongst the group. This shared experience removes barriers, builds trust, and establishes the foundation for a lasting bond between young people and their mentors.


Youth evaluations show an increase in:
- self esteem
- connection to community and school
- willingness to ask an adult for help- awareness of available resources
- healthy life choices

Sample films produced by youth in the programs:

For more information or to book a program, contact info@reelyouth.ca

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