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The youth jury is a unique and essential part of the Reel Youth Film Festival.  
Most festivals are judged by adults who apply the same rules to youth films as they would an adult's film. We think that youth have a better ability to empathise and reflect on their peers messages and tell the rest of the world what messages are most relevant today! As a result, the RYFF showcases more innovative and edgy films than many festivals.
The jury rates the films submissions on their:

            entertainment value,
            technical merit,
            and the message.

Jury sessions are entirely online run and can be done by individuals or       groups. A couple of entertaining hours are spent watching short-listed film submissions, and exploring the finer points of filmmaking.

If you are a youth interested in joining us, or are connected to a group of youth that would like to participate in the jury process, please contact us!

youth jury

A big 'thank-you' goes out to the judges for the
2017-18 Reel Youth Film Festival!

Joanna Gyurkovics         Aniello De Angelis
Joshua Costea                Alexandria Grable
Kartikay D Pawar                Garrett Strother
Caleb Garrett                        Christine Berry
Nishok Nishok          Daniel Pérez-Aréchiga
Adam Geiser                  Ivy Kost-Vanhoose
David Páez                             Vrishub Merai
Gloria Rodenas                         Bahar Safari
Mauro Colarieti                     Sevgi Aslı Bulut
Rimbik Das                                  Trevor Walls
Chris Greening                          Agata Zych
Angel Wang                          Sayedul Abrar
Jacob Burckhardt s              Shubhavi Arya
Mofe Onuwaje                    Matthew Perez
Abigail Loos                      Narges Mohebbi
Vaisakh Mohanan                       Ajishad VP
Vegard Beyer                              Zalán Bata
Vikas Nath                             Adnan Osman
Julia DePillo                            Raine Bracken
Cortes Island Teen Szene             Ken Yang
David Schwarz               James Sunderland
Faridul Ahasan Shourav       Gabriel Fowler
Dylan Pollak                  Arash Maghbouleh
Motikoe Khiba                       Fatema Yasser
Benjamin Nimac           Epoch Productions
Erhun Abbasli                           Jasmin Singh
Parsa Mokhtar Zenouzi               Loida Niño
Igor Gladkov                       Basile Vuillemin
Guido Interlandi


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