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We are running 5 new programs in partnership with TELUS STORYHIVE to amplify the voices of young creators. You can follow Reel Youth on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news on these programs.

Programs Summary

  1. Fresh Connections: October - November 2022
  2. Film Programs for Immigrant and Refugee Youth: November - December 2022 and February - March 2023
  3. First Directions Film Program for Indigenous Youth: March 13-18
  4. Troublemakers 7.0: May - June 2023
  5. Focused TV: April and May 2023

Program Details

Fresh Connections 2.0

Program dates: October - November 2022 (Online) 
An online workshop that brought together people from across BC, to produce short video poems that explore their relationship to places of personal importance, within the context of Indigenous land histories, rights, and reconciliation. Watch the finished films here!

Film Programs for Immigrant and Refugee Youth

Program dates: November - December 2022 and February - March 2023 (Online)
Immigrant and refugee youth participants in these programs will are fostering their creativity, self-expression, and leadership skills by learning filmmaking techniques to tell stories about their lives and experiences. Watch the finished films from the first program here!

First Directions Film Program for Indigenous Youth 

Program dates: March 13 - 18 (In Person, Registration Complete)
Indigenous youth from across BC coming together to develop short videos on the theme of Indigenous Resilience.

Troublemakers 7.0  

Program dates: May 24 - June 4, 2023 (In Person,  Registration open  - Apply Now. Application deadline: May 10)
The Troublemakers film program gathers a fresh team of aspiring young filmmakers and experienced troublemakers to work together through an eight-session filmmaking program that captures local queer and trans histories.

Focused TV 

Program dates: May 30 - July 4, 2023 (Online, Registration open  - Apply Now. Application deadline: May 16)
A program for participants in Alberta and British Columbia to showcase and celebrate the communities they live in as they plan, shoot, and edit short films.

In our work we strive to embody what we hope to see in the world—a just humanity and community in which people are free to be themselves fully and without fear. A community where no one is exiled or silenced because of gender, gender expression, race, color, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual/affectional orientation, age, class, physical character or disability. We believe in the power of storytelling to make connections across difference.


STORYHIVE is proud to partner with Reel Youth to run the Youth Community Stories program to provide aspiring filmmakers opportunities to explore documentary filmmaking and storytelling with the guidance of experts in the field.

TELUS STORYHIVE has supported thousands of local content creators across B.C. and Alberta since 2013, providing over $52 million in production funding and creating a safe space for storytellers to hone their skills and bring the projects they care about to life. The team is proud to help empower diverse emerging content creators to tell stories that reflect their communities and culture. For more information, visit https://www.storyhive.com/.

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